ECU Tuning File Service

Unlock true vehicle potential with our easy-to-use File Service

Our File Service is streamlined to allow you to offer your customers the best tunes without the hassle of learning how to tune.

Access our tuning services remotely as a simple, easy-to-use add-on to your auto business, and experience our fast turnaround for clients in New Zealand and internationally.

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Access Anywhere, Anytime

Our ECU tuning file service is specifically designed for remote access.

You can log on from any location to access our Dyno-tested tuning files through our File Service interface. For quick, superior results, try Alt Tune today.

How It Works

Our File Service enables you to manipulate your customer’s engine performance by calibrating the ECU to perform in a specific way from any location.

Our process is easy to use and highly effective. When you use our quality ECU tuning services, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Select your tuning tool. Our file service supports a range of tools for your convenience. View the full selection on our Tools page.
  • Register for our ECU tuning file service via the Login page.
  • Familiarise yourself with our range of informative videos and other resources.
  • Read your customer’s existing ECU file via OBD or boot mode. We support all genuine read tools and brands.
  • Recalibrate your customer’s ECU map to your precise requirements: tune type, DPF off, EGR off, Adblue / SCR off, speed limiter off, and DTC off.
  • Write the modified, tuned file back to your customer’s ECU.
  • Encourage your customer to test out their new and improved vehicle.

It’s that simple! Maximise your customer’s experience and get tuning today.

Why Choose Alt Tune?

Our team is passionate about vehicles and vehicle tuning. We have spent years crafting our processes to provide outstanding solutions for reading and remapping ECU data. Our tuning tools and equipment are market-leading, enabling us to deliver optimal results and support to our valued customers.

We pride ourselves on delivering a reliable service combining technical expertise and streamlined processing.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support to every customer to ensure the best results. We work with dealers and individual tuners, and our tools are suitable for use across a wide range of vehicles, makes and models.

Become A Dealer

Do you want to be part of a world-leading industry and accelerate your automotive business growth?

When you become an Alt Tune dealer, you will experience our comprehensive onboarding assistance, and our friendly team will equip you with the necessary knowledge and resources to confidently begin this exciting new step.

No prior tuning experience is needed—our helpful staff and instructional videos will provide you with all the information you need.

Why Join Us?

  • Deep knowledge of the tuning industry and new industry developments
  • Access to state-of-the-art technologies
  • 24/7 high-quality support
  • Improved services for your customers
  • Potential to attract new customers
  • Increased business profitability

If you want to maximise your business profits and stand out from competitors, let’s talk about how you can become a dealer today.

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