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ECU performance tuning experts committed to excellence.

At Alt Tune, our skilled technicians and cutting-edge software and hardware provide tailored ECU tuning and mapping solutions to meet your or your customer’s unique needs and preferences.

Use our experience to meet your potential.

We have been helping individuals and automotive technicians access full potential from a wide range of vehicles for 20+ years. We assist with performance optimisation for cars, 4x4s, tractors, trucks, marine vehicles, motorbikes and more, providing precise tuning and remapping across the board.

Our cutting-edge approach ensures we beat out the competition by providing authentic results across a vast range of makes and models, and we offer onsite Dyno Tuning in Taupo, utilising our market-leading facilities.

Our File Service

Our File Service is streamlined to allow you to access our tuning services remotely and offer your customers the best tunes without the hassle of learning how to tune. A simple and easy add-on to your auto business, offering a fast turnaround for our clients in New Zealand and internationally.

Dyno Tuning

Dyno tuning provides precise and accurate measurements of horsepower, torque, and air-fuel ratios, allowing tuners to make targeted adjustments for optimal performance. This can result in improved power output, fuel efficiency, and throttle response.

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If you want to commit to growth for your automotive business, we can help. We can set you up as a dealer with onboarding assistance and detailed video instructions, and we are here to offer support day and night.

Alt Tune makes it easy for you to accelerate your business growth, take better care of your customers, and deepen your knowledge of the tuning industry in a supportive environment.

Our Services

Access precise customisation for improved performance and efficiency.

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Alt Tune provides precision tuning to local and international clients via our finely honed processes.

Improved vehicle performance, including increased power, torque, and fuel efficiency.

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Our online File Service submission process is designed to allow all our dealers remote access to our key services.

Get full access to our Dyno-tested tuning files through our File Service. This allows you to offer your customers the best tunes simply and hassle-free.

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Visit us onsite in Taupo to elevate your driving experience with a precision Dyno Tune.

A Dyno Tuning measures performance; we can analyse data such as horsepower, torque, and air-fuel ratios to optimise the engine’s performance.


Alongside market-leading ECU Tuning and remapping services, our specialists provide you with comprehensive after-sales support. With high-quality software backed by technical support, we are always here to answer your questions and help you achieve optimal results for every tune.

We serve dealers and individuals and can provide you with all the equipment and support you need to become a professional tuner.

Why Choose Alt Tune?

We are a team of passionate tuners who have honed our processes to address the need for better solutions and systems. Our exceptional knowledge of reading and altering ECU data and addressing problematic emissions systems allows us to provide you with a service that consistently delivers the best possible outcomes.

Alongside our technical skills, we understand that communication and reliability are vital to the customer experience. We lead you through our finely tuned processes with minimal downtime, offering excellent service whether you visit us in-store or access our remote service options.

Had my Mk4 golf R32 tuned a couple of weeks ago, more power, smoother power delivery and seems to be better on fuel, couldn’t be happier.

Royce Evans

Have had my Ford Ranger tuned by Alt Tune thanks to Mag & Turbo Porirua – and what a difference it’s makes. Low down torque is super punchy and definitely worth it in my opinion!

Josh Merritt

AltTune goes above and beyond. Have been using their service for a couple years now and never had any problems. Great price and high customer service.

Will continue to use and recommend.

Luke Adams

This website is a must! I would highly recommend for anyone looking to get their ECM tuned to their liking. I had a wonderful experience and I’ll surely be a repeat customer myself.

Ian Hilligoss

Engine ECU Tuning Case Studies

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Our Process

Read your customer’s ECU file via OBD or boot mode. We support all genuine read tools, no matter the brand.

Upload your customer’s ECU read with a rundown of what needs to be done, tune type, DPF off, EGR off, Adblue / SCR off, speed limiter off, and DTC off.

Write the tuned file to your customer ECU, knowing the job has been done right the first time.

Our Tools

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If you are ready to move into the driving seat when it comes to exceptional precision and optimised performance for all your tuning requirements, we can help.

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