The Mighty 2012 John Deere Cotten Pickers 7760 Tuned!

When it comes to harvesting, time is one of the essential factors. Take the John Deere Cotten Pickers 7760 for example.  This is a machine that is known and preferred for not just its reliability. But it is also considered to be quite a practical machine. This factor makes it quite the choice for a machine to be used in a large range of conditions.

But like any other beast of the agriculture category, the Cotten Pickers 7760 can always use a few improvements. One of these enhancements is usually the horsepower and torque of the machine. The Cotten Pickers 7760 may be able to work with heavy loads. But its speed and groundspeed are factors that could use some tweaks. Here at Alt Tune, we’ve got the right tools for the job.

A customer from Australia requested that we take a look at their 2012 John Deere Cotten Pickers 7760. This machine runs on diesel which fuels 13.5L engine to make a decent amount of power. We decided to take a look at the Cotten Pickers 7760 and performed for the client for a Power Tune using an Alientech KESS2.

After we were done with the tune, our dealer field-tested it out and handed it over to the client who noticed significant improvements in the machine’s power and torque. As a result, the customer could now get their work done a lot quicker than before.

So, if you’ve got a John Deere anywhere in Australia; do contact us if you need a tune. Alt Tune will work on your vehicle quickly and with absolute quality. You’ll love the results, so get in touch with us today.