The Mighty 2015 John Deere 8R Series Tuned!

When it comes to work with heavy machinery, time is one of the essential factors. Take the John Deere 8R Series for example.  The John Deere 8R series tractor is a powerful and versatile agricultural machine that has gained significant popularity among farmers around the world. Known for its advanced technology, exceptional performance, and reliability, the 8R series offers a range of features and capabilities that make it a top choice for modern farming operations.

But like any other beasts of the agriculture category, the 8R Series can always use a few improvements. One of these enhancements is usually the horsepower and torque of the machine. The 8R Series may be able to work with heavy loads. But its speed and groundspeed are factors that could use some tweaks. Here at Alt Tune, we’ve got the right tools for the job.

A customer from Australia requested that we looked at their 2015 John Deere 8R Series. This machine runs on diesel which fuels 9L engine to make a decent amount of power. We decided to look at the 8R Series and performed for the client using a Dimsport Genius.

After we were done with the tune, our dealer field-tested it out and handed it over to the client who noticed significant improvements in the machine’s power and torque. As a result, the customer could now get their work done a lot quicker than before.

So, if you’ve got a John Deere anywhere in Australia; do contact us if you need a tune. Alt Tune will work on your vehicle quickly and with absolute quality. You’ll love the results, so get in touch with us today.

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