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Access to the best ECU Tuning tools in the world for Agricultural equipment.

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High quality ECU tuning files for Agricultural equipment, we are constantly developing new tuning solutions.

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Fast and efficient support and help for all your Agricultural tuning needs.

Alt Tune are industry leaders when it comes to diesel engine tuning for tractors. Global experience over many years means we always stay at the forefront of ever-evolving technology.

Why should I become a dealer for Alt Tune?
Alt Tune can increase your businesses profit, bring in new customers to your existing business. Our services also help improve customer relationships as you are helping them to save money as well as increasing productivity.
Do I need prior tuning experience?
No, you dont, we do all the hard work. As long as you can use a laptop and locate diagnostic ports you are suitable. Our tooling to read and write tractor ECU / ECMS has full on screen instructions.
What are the benefits to the customer?
Common benefits include increased Horsepower, increased torque, fuel savings, faster ground speed and a better user experience.
New Holland T7.185 Adblue DEF Shut Down and ECU Tune

AltTune – Tractor Tuning Specialists

We invest heavily in the latest software to develop and test our diesel tunes in house. We have rolling road and PTO dynos around the world at our disposal. We are not scared to innovate and reverse engineer to achieve the diesel tuning goals at hand.

Tractor Tuning services we offer include:

  • ECU Tuning
  • EGR Closure and Disable
  • AdBlue/DEF Disable

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