When it comes to seriously capable off-road wagons there’s a pretty solid list, and Nissan’s Patrol is one of the few constantly at the top. Whether it be in factory form or whether it has any of the numerous options of customization the Patrol is a mighty capable wagon.

The chassis and driveline are known to be tough and handle most things that could be thrown at it. The interiors are as comfortable, if not more well spec’d, than a lot of cars on the market.

One of the common upgrades to be made to the Patrol is bigger more off-road suitable tyres. Great for traction, but often a much bigger size which leads to more weight for the diesel fueled 3L engine to get moving. So what before was a perfectly capable engine is now left struggling to produce the same amount of pull as desired.

This is where the experts at Alt Tune come in. We can quickly produce a tune to suit your Nissan Patrol, as was done recently for a customer in Sydney, Australia. Our local team of professionals used the Alientech KTAG to flash the factory ECU with a Power Tune which, much to the delight of the customer, greatly improved the power to suit the off road set up.

At Alt Tune we understand the need for more power and the modifications often made, so we can also have a tune made to suit the range of modifications made to your Nissan, such as a snorkel or bigger exhaust.

So if you are in or near Sydney Australia and have a Nissan Patrol you’d like to turn into an off-road beast, in a quick timeframe and all at a reasonable cost, Alt Tune is here for you. Our expert tuners take pride in your satisfaction. Alt Tune will produce results you wont get anywhere else. Be sure to get in touch to book a spot today!