The Volkswagen Golf R is a pretty amazing car from the factory, proving to be not only a capable comfortable daily driver but also a great car to push to its limit when the occasion arises. But since the first Golfs were built they have been hugely popular to modify. Whether it be purely cosmetic or for an upgrade in performance there is a huge number of companies providing various products to suit the Golf of any era. We recently had the job of fine-tuning a custom engine set up on a MK7 Golf R.

With a range of modifications made, including a bigger GT2260 turbo and a tune that had already been flashed into the ECU, the performance was very good. But a small dip in torque was noticed between 3 – 4,500RPM. Being the rev range where the majority of street driving is done and for such a custom build some dyno time would be needed to fine-tune and get the absolute most from this build.

NMJ116 Dyno result1024 1 2

After a session on the dyno the torque curve was cleaned up to be a nice curve with the peak now closer to the center of the main driving range.

If you have a performance car, whether it’s still in factory form and you want to boost its performance, or it has a range of upgrades and you need a tune to make the most of them all make sure you get in touch with our team at Alt Tune. Let us help you get the most out of your performance car.