Alientech is going to release a new feature to Alientech Suite and KESS3 in July 2024 called DynoDrive that will allow for calculating and verifying performance while driving a vehicle. Here is what Alientech has to say about the new feature:


Feature available from July 2024

DynoDrive is an advanced feature, exclusive to Alientech Suite and KESS3, which allows for calculating and verifying performance while driving a vehicle.

Through the OBD diagnostic port and data acquisition from the integrated GPS module, DynoDrive provides power and torque values of a car that can be exported and compared endlessly on your reserved area.

The DynoDrive application allows you to revolutionize vehicle testing on the road, without additional costs for dedicated equipment. The experience of testing a car transforms into a unique opportunity to verify the vehicle’s performance and evaluate the effectiveness of any modifications.

Gain a valuable ally to improve your work and ensure customers a high-quality service, meeting their expectations. With DynoDrive, every road test will provide real and reliable values that represent a tangible parameter to certify your work with cutting-edge technology and ease of system use.

Choose DynoDrive and give out more to your workshop by offering your customers a better service.




Activation through Alientech Suite

You can buy the DynoDrive application at any time, directly from Alientech Suite.

With a guided and intuitive process, you can activate DynoDrive and use the function immediately: simply select the vehicle on which the test will be performed, set the necessary data for the calculation, and launch the test.

Calculation Accuracy

The accuracy and repeatability of performance calculation are guaranteed by the pairing of the technology that KESS3 uses for communication with the vehicle (via OBD) and GPS acquisition.

Thanks to this system, DynoDrive allows for precise calculation of the vehicle’s position throughout the test, recording both the acceleration and deceleration phases for precise calculation of the dissipated power as well.

Quick and Customized Parameter Selection

DynoDrive allows for customizing parameters to achieve calculation precision as close to reality as possible.

You can input vehicle data such as: vehicle and passenger mass (including any tools and luggage) and fuel level.

Additionally, you can choose how to conduct the test by setting the starting engine RPM (1500/2000 rpm) and the gear in which you wish to perform the test (3rd/4th), to make the best use of available space and work in complete safety. All power test operations must be carried out only on a closed circuit or on a road not open to the public.

Test Repeatability

With DynoDrive, you can repeat the test countless times, comparing the data from each individual test.

Despite atmospheric factors, such as external temperature, potentially influencing the test result, you can repeat the test under the same conditions, one after another.

This ensures the neutrality of the environmental factor: the data depend exclusively on the vehicle.

Data Comparison and Sharing

DynoDrive provides a downloadable and shareable report of torque and power data.

At the end of the test, the Dashboard automatically stores the torque and power values. In addition to numerical data, DynoDrive provides Cartesian graphs that can be compared by overlaying them to easily discern and compare curve differences at a glance. The software allows for comparing up to 3 tests simultaneously. To facilitate consultation, different colours and styles have been assigned to the curves of individual tests.

But that’s not all: the values along with the graphs recorded in the Dashboard can be easily exported in a. PDF sheet, that can be shared with the customer to verify the effectiveness of the intervention or to meet their desires.