Today we tuned a John Deere 4023 Sprayer for performance and economy, power was increased by 12%. Fuel savings will also result from this tune.

The 4023’s run a Phoenix L16 ECU, we perform changed to the torque settings along with injection and other core functions. The Machine starts off at 175.4PS / 129 KW and we increased it to 144 KW. This is a usable power right across the rev range, not just peak power increased. Altough the small 4.9 litre engine of the 4023 is at the bottom level of John Deere engines they are well worth tuning for power, torque and fuel savings.


We have the ability to tune all John Deere sprayer ECU’s/ ECM’s for power, economy and torque increases. Get in touch today to find out what we can do with your John Deere. Find out more here