The John Deere 8230R row crop tractor runs a 9.0L 6-cylinder 24-valve turbo diesel with a variable geometry turbo. The power is delivered via John Deere Powershift transmission. The ECU controlling the engine is a Phoenix ECU and we are able to read out its data from the diagnostic port.

Power increase on the 8230R.

The John Deere 8230R engine produces 245 HP in stock form. We increase the power output to 285 HP and also increase the torque. With this power increase, we often see fuel savings from 5% – 12% depending on the work it’s performing. Fuel savings are usually achieved in high load situations. Often from the power and torque increase the customer can reduce the rpm the John Deere is working at and even select 1 – 2 gears higher while doing the same work.

Emissions solution.

Our customers John Deere runs an EGR valve from the factory. We commanded the valve shut. Furthermore, by removing the EGR fault codes the customer can unplug the EGR valve or blank the EGR valve.  They can also remove the EGR cooler which cools the air passing through the EGR system, furthermore, the EGR coolers can leak and cause issues. As a result of the removal of the EGR system and its functions the tractor will run cooler and by removing the system the owner will have fewer repair costs in the future.

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