Our customers John Deere 8310R row crop tractor is powered by a 9.0L engine which is controlled by a Phoenix L21 ECU / ECM.

Alt Tune increased the power and torque by 15%, this will result is faster ground speed, which results in a productivity increase. By allowing the machine to produce more power the driver can run lower gears which help saves fuel also. Our customer can achieve fuel savings while staying in the same gear as the engine load is reduced due to the torque increase.

How does Alt Tune achieve this on the John Deere 8310R?

We read out the factory ECU / ECM data from the Phoenix L21 engine control unit. Our team achieves this via a non invasive procedure via the diagnostic port. We then carefully modify 2D and 3D maps that control the engine functions. We uploaded the newly modified ECU file back to the John Deere 8310R ECU and tested the machine in the field.


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