The John Deere 9510R is powered by a 13.5L PowerTech PSX engine producing 510 HP.

Alt Tune have the ability to read out the John Deere’s engine control unit which is made by Phoenix. Reading of the ECU is non invasive and is all performed via the diagnostic port.

What are the benefits of tuning the John Deere 9510R?

  • Increased power
  • Increased torque
  • Fuel savings
  • Lower engine loads while doing the same work


Alt Tune also have the ability to close the EGR valve or fully delete is allowing the EGR valve and the EGR cooler to be removed or blocked off. The EGR coolers often leak and need to be replaced. The 9510R also has a DPF fitted to the exhaust system to reduce NOX emissions. We also have the ability to remove the DPF and all its sensors.

Common fault codes for John Deere EGR issues include

ECU 002791.02
ECU 002791.03
ECU 002791.04
ECU 002791.07
ECU 002791.13
ECU 002791.14
ECU 002791.31
ECU 002659.02
ECU 002659.15
ECU 002659.17

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