The John Deere 9R Series tractors combine power, technology, and comfort to meet the demands of modern large-scale farming. With their robust performance, advanced features, and compatibility with precision agriculture tools. The 9R Series tractors are engineered to work seamlessly with a wide range of implements and attachments, making them versatile for different farming tasks. Whether it’s pulling heavy tillage equipment, planters, sprayers, or grain carts, these tractors can handle various agricultural operations.

This tractor can comfortably tick all the boxes. But even a beast like the 9R series can use a few improvements. One of these enhancements is usually the horsepower and torque of the machine. The 9R series may be capable in its variation of jobs it can complete but can sometimes be found to struggle when fully loaded.

Recently a customer from Australia approached our team at Alt Tune asking that we take a look at their John Deere 9R series. This diesel fueled 13500 makes a decent amount of power but there is a lot more potential. We decided to take a look at the 9R series and performed a power tune for the client using an Alientech KESS2.

After completing the tune and testing it our dealer handed it back to the client, who noticed significant improvements in the machine’s power and torque. As a result, the customer could now complete their work with less effort and a lot quicker than before.

So, if you are anywhere in Australia, and have a John Deere 9R series; do contact us if you need a tune. Alt Tune will work on your vehicle quickly and with absolute quality. You’ll love the results, so get in touch with us today.

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