Our customers John Deere S660 Combine Harvester runs a 9.0L Final Tier 4 engine the the USA (United states). A S660 of this specification runs a Phoenix L21 ECU. Emissions standard’s are achieved thanks to Adblue which is also known a DEF (diesel exhaust fluid). This system reduces the NOX levels in the exhaust gases and is an after treatment post combustion. The S660 in Australia and New Zealand is a Tier 2 engine as doesn’t have these systems.


Power increase on the John Deere S660

We here at Alt Tune can increase the power output of the S660 from 320 HP to 380 HP with no adverse effects. The tune will also achieve fuel savings due to being able to run lower gears while doing the same job. By programming the engine ECU to delivery more power the engine load will drop, hence being able to select lower gears. Alt Tune re calibrates factory ECU settings including, injection parameters, torque limiters and other core engine functions. Its a non invasive process is completed via the diagnostic port installed from the factory.

Adblue / DEF removal

Further more our team at Alt Tune have the ability to stop the Adblue / DEF injection system on all John Deere models. This will save the customer $1,000’s per year.

Find out what we can do for your John Deere https://alttune.com/vehicle-search/

Here at Alt Tune we can tune / chip your John Deere by reprogramming your factory ECM / ECU. We have dealers in Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, Brazil and many more countries.