Our customers John Deere S670 Combine Harvester in USA (United States of America) runs an emissions system known as Adblue, DEF or SCR.

Until facing the more stringent NOx emission levels required by Final Tier 4/Stage IV, John Deere has been able to achieve the mandated NOx levels with its cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology and a single fluid, diesel fuel. With the additional 80 percent reduction in NOx required for Final Tier 4/Stage IV, John Deere will continue to utilize its proven cooled EGR technology but will combine this with SCR technology to achieve the more stringent Final Tier 4/Stage IV NOx emission levels.

The engine is a 9.0L 373 HP engine controlled by a Phoenix L33. We have the ability to read out the ECU data via the diagnostic port, this is a non invasive procedure.

What can Alt Tune do about Adblue, DEF or SCR on the John Deere S670?

We are able to command the Phoenix L33 ECU / ECM to not inject the Adblue, SCR, DEF treatment. This allows the owners so save $1,000’s per year.

Why would someone want to disable this system?

Sometimes its is near impossible to fill up adblue tanks on machines. This can be due to remote areas or even using the machine in another country where adblue cannot be purchased.


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