New Holland CR9070 Combine

The Challenge

The New Holland CR9070 Combine was struggling with a large crop thanks to ideal growing conditions. Because of this, more power was required.

The Solution

Our dealer traveled to the customer and read out the ECU data with specialist tooling. The dealer then provided us with the ECU file, machine details, working conditions and what the customer required from the machine. We then re-mapped the ECU software to acheive more power, torque and better fuel economy.

Increased power


Power Increase


Torque Increase


Ground Ipeed Increase


Fuel Savings

Great results to be had on all New Holland engines


Increase Power And Torque

Increased power and torque results in engines holding engine RPM better, hydraulics working better and an all round cleaner product.

Increased Ground Speed

Increased ground speed saves you time. Fill extra bins that you couldn’t fill before!

Removal Of AdBlue

We have the ability to remove the AdBlue function if your New Holland has it installed.

Grain field

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