Tigercat tuning is becoming more popular in the forestry states of United States and Canada due to their popularity with logging companies.

These machines are often chosen for specialist forestry machines. For instance owners are enticed by their reliability and economy over other brands.

Tiercat‘s 620E skidder is a FPT Tier 4 Final powered logging machine. Being Tier 4 Final it conforms to the latest emissions standards in USA / North America and Europe. This machine is fitted with Adblue / DEF to meet emissions standards. Their 620e received the 6.7L FTP engine and is controlled by the Bosch EDC17CV41 ECU / ECM. This is one of the most modern industrial control units on the market. The Bosch ECU is controlled by a Tricore processor. This was one of the latest standards of ECU / ECM’s when this machine was released.

Tiercat’s 620E is rated at 165 kW (221 hp) @ 2,200 rpm. As a result to a Alt Tune ECU tune this has increased to  187KW / 251 hp.

By tuning a Tigecat 630E with a 30 HP increase it will now not struggle with heavy loads in tough forestry conditions. This is achieved by reading out the ECU / ECM’s data and carefully calibrating the maps that control the key engine parameters.

Your Tigercat 620E log skidder  620E log skidder with a tune from Alt Tune will handle tough extraction duties whether it’s mature and heavy timber or high production plantation thinning operations.


For all your Tigercat tuning needs, reach out to Alt Tune.