Tuning the John Deere 8370RT

2022 John Deere 8RT Series

8370RT – 9.0L



Phoenix L40 ECU

The Challenge

In this blog post, we aim to explain the advantages of tuning the John Deere 8370RT for your agricultural operation. ECU tuning proves to be a valuable enhancement in the agricultural industry, especially considering the substantial investment in agricultural machines. Upgrading to a new tractor with more power might seem like a solution on paper, but it’s a costly approach to optimizing your business.

The 8370RT, part of John Deere’s 8RT Series, is a crop-row tractor designed for excellent straight-line pulling. The 2022 John Deere 8370RT features a 9.0L PowerTech™ diesel engine controlled by a Phoenix L40 ECU. While the tractor is rated at 370 horsepower, the Phoenix L40 ECU, with its factory settings, conceals additional power that can be unlocked through ECU tuning. ECU tuning serves as a cost-effective tool for optimizing your agricultural operation compared to investing in a new tractor.

Alt Tune’s Solution

At Alt Tune, we specialize in ECU tuning, tailoring our custom tunes to the customer’s specific needs, working environments, and machine specifications. We utilize the Alientech KESS3 to ensure a safe tuning process and achieve the best possible results.

One of our customers had a 2022 John Deere 8370RT and aimed to optimize its power output to avoid the expense of purchasing a new tractor. After our custom tune, the tractor’s power and torque increased. This enhancement allows our customer to complete tasks more quickly, thanks to improved ground speed and towing capacity. The increased efficiency eliminated the need for a new tractor, resulting in significant cost savings for our customer.

Increased Power


Power Increase


Torque Increase

Further Benefits Of ECU Tuning The John Deere 8370RT

Increased Power and Torque

With more power and torque, a tuned tractor can handle heavier loads and perform tasks more efficiently. It allows the tractor to pull or push larger implements, haul heavier loads, and complete tasks faster, resulting in increased productivity.

Years of Development

We have been tuning John Deere’s 9.0L PowerTech™ diesel engine for years, and understand how they work as well as the limitation on factory hardware.


Easy and fast programming

Easy, fast and non-evasive via programming the factory-fitted diagnostic port.

So, if you’re looking to take your John Deere tractor to the next level, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our dedicated team is ready to unleash the full potential of your vehicle and make your driving dreams a reality!


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