Tuning the John Deere S670

2015 John Deere S Series Harvester

S670 – 9.0L


Phoenix L33 ECU

The Challenge

Today’s blog post delves into the topic of tuning the John Deere S670 harvester. Proper ECU / ECM tuning can significantly impact your agricultural operations. By adjusting various parameters within the ECU settings, ECU tuning enhances the performance of the John Deere S670 harvester.

The John Deere S670 harvester is a combine harvester tailored for medium to large-sized crops. In this post, we’re using a 2015 John Deere S670 equipped with a 9.0L engine and a Phoenix L33 ECU. Additionally, we have a blog post dedicated to an older model featuring a Phoenix L14 ECU. Ensuring an efficient harvest season is crucial, as it ensures your harvester operates at its peak performance. However, the factory settings often limit the power output.

The Solution

We ensure that our ECU tuning is executed meticulously by custom-tuning every unit. This approach allows us to tailor the tune to suit your specific harvester, its requirements, and the operational environment. To ensure a safe tuning process, we employ the Alientech KESS3 tool to flash the tune. A tuned John Deere S670 harvester experiences increased power and torque, leading to higher ground speeds that accelerate the harvesting process. Additionally, it provides more power to handle heavy loads. Ultimately, this tune optimizes your operations and saves you money in the long run.

The 9.0L diesel engine comes with emission settings that may lead to issues, which are both costly and time-consuming to rectify. To address this, we have developed an emissions solution. This solution maintains the reliability of your John Deere S670 throughout the entire harvest season.

Increased Power


Power Increase


Torque Increase

Further Benefits Of ECU Tuning The John Deere S670

Increased Power and Torque

With more power and torque, a tuned machine can handle heavier loads and perform tasks more efficiently. It allows the machine to pull or push larger implements, haul heavier loads, and complete tasks faster, resulting in increased productivity.

Years of Development

We have been tuning John Deere’s 9.0L diesel engines for years, and understand how they work as well as the limitation on factory hardware.


Easy and fast programming

Easy, fast and non-evasive via programming the factory-fitted diagnostic port.

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