tuning the Mazda 6

2014 Mazda 6

2.2L – Diesel

 Denso ECU

The Challenge

In this blog post, we delve into the possibilities that arise when tuning the Mazda 6. First introduced in 2002, the Mazda 6 has seen three generations with various engines. Our focus is on the third-generation Mazda 6, specifically the model equipped with a 2.2L diesel engine. This engine, known as the 2.2L Skyactive-D diesel, boasts 175 horsepower and is equipped with EGR and DPF emissions systems.

Despite the factory ECU settings limiting the Mazda 6 2.2L diesel engine to 175 horsepower, there is more power waiting to be unleashed. This additional power can be optimized without the need for aftermarket parts. One of the main challenges with diesel engines lies in the potential issues that can arise with the emissions system. For example, the emissions systems, including the DPF and EGR system in the third-generation Mazda 6, can fail or become blocked, leading to significant repair costs and reliability issues. However, at Alt Tune, we have the expertise and tools to optimize your Mazda 6 and mitigate the risk of emission system problems.

The Solution

Our solution revolves around ECU tuning. Your Mazda 6 comes equipped with factory ECU settings that restrict the power output. Using the Alientech KESS3, we can safely access these settings and adjust them to ensure your engine performs optimally within safe parameters. Each tune is customized to suit your specific vehicle, requirements, and driving conditions, ensuring the safest and most powerful tune possible.

Our tune increases both power and torque, unlocking the full potential of your Mazda 6. This optimization not only enhances overtaking capabilities but also improves towing capacity. Additionally, optimizing the engine results in improved fuel efficiency. As the emissions settings are housed in the ECU, we are uniquely positioned to help you avoid emissions system issues. Through our ECU settings, we have developed a solution that eliminates potential problems, keeping your Mazda 6 reliable and out of the repair shop.

Increased Power And Torque


Increased Power


Increased Torque

Further benefits Of ECU Tuning The Mazda 6

Increased Power and Torque

Increased power and torque result in safer over taking and easier open road driving. Throttle response is also increased.

Years of Development

We have been tuning Mazda’s 2.2L diesel engines for years, and understand how they work as well as the limitation on factory hardware.

Emissions solutions

We have solutions for emission systems such as disabling the Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), Diesel particulate filter (DPF), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) (Adblue) and associated DTC fault codes.

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