Tuning the Renault Midlum

Renault Midlum

220 – 4.8L – DXi5 Engine – Diesel 




The Challenge

When it comes to trucks like the Renault Midlum, achieving optimal performance is crucial. One of the most effective ways to enhance the performance of the Mildum is through ECU tuning. By tuning the Renault Midlum it’s possible to unlock hidden power and torque, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance overall drivability.

The Renault Mildum is equipped with a robust 4.8L diesel DXi5 engine, capable of producing 220 horsepower in its stock configuration. While this is already impressive, the engine has more to offer. From a business perspective, an engine with factory ECU settings can be a restriction If your Renault Midlum truck feels underpowered or you need more, ECU tuning can be an economical way to optimise your truck’s performance. A comment issue that often comes with costly repairs and downtime is the diesel engine’s emissions system. The emissions systems that diesel engines have are known to clog up and stop working before the engine’s lifetime is up.

The Solution

Your Renault Midlum truck comes with factory ECU settings, these settings are what cause the restrictions and issues. We are able to adjust the settings so that you can utilise all of the engine’s power. It’s important to note that not all ECU tuning is created equal. So to make sure that we produce the best results, we opt for customized tuning that takes into account the specific characteristics of the Mildum’s engine, driving environment and your personal needs. This ensures that the tuning is tailored to maximize performance without compromising reliability.

ECU tuning can significantly increase the horsepower and torque output of the Renault Midlum. This will lead to a noticeable improvement in acceleration and towing capabilities that can help your business optimise. Contrary to popular belief, ECU tuning can actually improve fuel efficiency when done correctly. By optimizing the air-fuel ratio and ignition timing, you can get more mileage out of every tank of fuel. Emissions settings are located in the ECU so we have developed a solution to eliminate the issues and keep your Renault Midlum reliable.

Increased Power and Torque

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Power Increase


Torque Increase

Further Benefits Of ECU Tuning The Renault Midlum

Increased Power and Torque

With more power and torque, a tuned truck can handle heavier loads and perform tasks more efficiently. It allows the truck to pull or push larger implements, haul heavier loads, and complete tasks faster, resulting in increased productivity.

Years of Development

We have been tuning Renault’s 4.8L engine for years, and understand how they work as well as the limitation on factory hardware.


Easy and fast programming

Easy, fast and non-evasive via programming the factory-fitted diagnostic port.

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