Tuning The Volkswagen Crafter. Same Type that was tuned by Alt Tune

2011 Volkswagen Crafter

2.0L – Bosch EDC17C54 ECU

The Challenge

In this article, we explore how tuning the Volkswagen Crafter can transform this workhorse into a more dynamic and efficient vehicle. To illustrate, we’ll take a look at a 2011 Volkswagen Crafter that we have fine-tuned. The customer was seeking a more efficient Crafter, and fortunately, here at Alt Tune, we possess the necessary tools to deliver just that.

The 2011 Volkswagen Crafter is renowned for its robustness and reliability, making it a versatile and practical van. Whether you utilize it for commercial purposes or as a recreational vehicle, a slight boost in power can make a world of difference. That’s where power tuning comes into play.

The Solution

The first step is to take a look at the Crafter and read its Bosch EDC17C54 ECU using Alientech KESS3. After having the results from that we decided to give the ECU a power tune. Power tuning, also known as performance tuning or engine remapping, involves optimizing a vehicle’s engine settings to increase power, torque, and overall performance. This improves acceleration, better fuel efficiency, and enhanced driving dynamics.

To optimize the Volkswagen Crafter further the emission system can be adjusted to fit the tune. With the emission system adjusted can you avoid further downtime for your vehicle due to emission system issues. This makes the tuned Crafter an even more valuable asset for your business or recreational needs.

Increased Power And Torque


Increased Power


Increased Torque

Further benefits Of Tuning The Volkswagen Crafter

Increased Power and Torque

Increased power and torque result in safer over taking and easier open road driving. Throttle response is also increased.

Years of Development

We have been tuning the Crafter’s 2.0-litre Euro 5 TDI engines for years, and understand how they work as well as the limitation on factory hardware.

Emissions solutions

We have solutions for emission systems such as disabling the Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), Diesel particulate filter (DPF), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) (Adblue) and associated DTC fault codes.
So, if you’re looking to take your Volkswagen Crafter to the next level, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our dedicated team is ready to unleash the full potential of your vehicle and make your driving dreams a reality!

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