Tuning The Holden Commodore - A 2016 Holden Commodore on the dyno at Alt Tune

2016 Holden Commodore

VF2 SS-V REDLINE 6.2 V8 – 408HP – Delco E39 ECU

The Challenge

Underpowered. That’s how the owner described the feeling of driving this Holden Commodore after it had been upgraded with an aftermarket exhaust. Tuning the Holden Commodore can fix this problem.

The Solution

We had the pleasure of running this Commodore up on the dyno and tuning it to suit the aftermarket exhaust system, headers, and over-radiator intake ( OTR ) that the customer had just fitted. By disableing the catalytic convertor system we prevented the P0420 & P0430 DTC bringing on the engine check light caused by removing them from the original exhaust.

Increased Power and Torque


Power Increase


Torque Increase

Further Benefits Of Tuning The Holden Commodore

Increased Power and Torque

Increased power and torque result in safer over taking and easier open road driving. Throttle response is also increased. 

Years of Development

We have been tuning LS engines for years, and understand how they work as well as the limitation on factory hardware.

Emissions solutions

We have solutions for emission systems such as disabling the catalytic convertor system and associated DTC fault codes. 

Dyno Video After Tuning the Holden Commodore

Do you have a Commodore with an aftermarket exhaust that feel a little under powered? Contact Alt Tune today and enjoy the full power 

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