The 2004 Volvo V70R has an engine that is controlled by a Bosch ME7 ECU. Power from the factory on this model is 300 HP and 400 NM, thanks to a stage 1 tune from Alt Tune the V70R can be taken to 335 HP and 460 NM of torque. Power and torque are lifted right across the rev range. had some impressive things to say about the Volvo V70R when released and it will go down in history as a legend due to its 5 cylinder engine note which is quite a pleasure on the ears.

Volvo has reworked its inline-five-cylinder engine by adding a twin-intercooled KKK turbo, revised engine-management and exhaust systems, and other tweaks. The result is an impressive 300 horsepower from 2.5 liters. Take your choice between a five-speed Geartronic automatic or six-speed manual transmission. R Line Volvos are equipped with standard full-time all-wheel drive, employing a Haldex differential to monitor traction and distribute power front to rear. Besides aggressive 18-inch performance rolling stock, the chassis benefits from driver-adjustable damping (Comfort, Sport, and Advanced settings) and Brembo brakes. Dynamic Stability Traction Control, which is driver-defeatable, and ABS are standard

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