9770 john deere

John Deere 9770

The Challenge

The machine was underpowered for the job; it was dropping 300rpm when working hard in the crops. The resuting product was not clean as the hydraulics where not keeping up.

The Solution

Our dealer read out the factory ECU data via a special tool and advised us on the machines engine specifications, the work it was doing and the local enviromental conditions. We then modified many key parameters such as injection, the torque limiter and EGR system function. After the tune was loaded, the 9770 was tested and was not dropping any rpm under load. Ground speed was up by 6% and fuel usage was improved by 5%.

Accurate And Precise


Power Increase


Torque Increase


Ground Speed Increase


Fuel Savings

Great results to be had on all John Deere engines


Increase power and torque

Increased power and torque results in the engine holding engine RPM better, hydraulics working better and an all round cleaner product.

Increased ground speed

Increased ground speed saves you time. Fill extra bins that you couldn’t fill before!

EGR removal

Get rid of problematic emissions systems that clog your intake with soot and cause hotter running temperatures.

Grain field

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