Alientech has released a new and improved version of ECM Titanium recalibration software. There are 5 new features:


  • Automatic Table Alignment
    Say goodbye to manual resizing, even in table view! Now you can select and align tables with a simple click, simplifying the comparison and transfer of changes between projects. The “copy and paste” process remains active, ensuring a workflow without any obstacles.

    It’s also possible to create and manage multiple pairs of maps and navigate between different open ECM Titanium windows by pressing “Ctrl+Tab” to quickly select the desired window.


  • Keyboard Shortcut Legend
    Keyboard shortcuts always at your fingertips! With this new development, an intuitive and comprehensive legend has been introduced, divided into categories, to facilitate your navigation within the software.

    Press “F1” at any time to quickly and seamlessly access the shortcuts that make your work faster and more efficient.


  • Zoom On Comparison Project
    Detailed analysis at the click of a button! With the new zoom extended to the comparison project, you can examine modification details with maximum precision, just like the 2D graphs in the main project.

    Simply press “Ctrl+X” to activate the zoom where the cursor is located.


  • Export Tables To CSV
    Export data with precision! Now you can export tables in CSV format, obtaining detailed information for more accurate comparisons.

    Easily integrate data with external diagnostic tools for a comprehensive view, in the same format.


  • Custom Conversion Formula
    Tailor-made flexibility for you! Customize conversions with ad hoc formulas for a data display that reflects your remapping goals.

    Easily switch between standard and custom conversions with the “Alt+F” keyboard shortcut.