New protocol dedicated to the agri-world!

This new upgrade give you the opportunity to work at 360° on Denso MB275700-2753 ECUs. This ECU is equipped on Arbos and Landini brands, small and medium tractors.
With this new update you will be able to RD, WR and clone in bench mode on Arbos and Landini tractors with a Denso MB275700-2753 ECU with KESS3.

The ECU supported:

Denso MB275700-2753


5100 Series 5100 3.4L l4 Diesel 81 kW
5100 Series 5115 3.4L l4 Diesel 90 kW
5100 Series 5130 3.4L l4 Diesel 100 kW


REX3 2.5L Diesel 40 kW
REX3 2.5L Diesel 48 kW
REX3 2.5L Diesel 55 kW