New protocol is a gift to the bike world!

With this update you can now work on DENSO 21175-1307/1362 and Denso 21175-0853/0861/0863 ECUs in bench and boot. That means you can work on Kawasaki’s extreme naked bikes. So, you can customize the riding style on an ever-growing and continuously updated fleet.

Here is the list of bikes with the supported ECU’s:

Denso 21175-1307/1362​


Z 900 A2 Petrol 70 kW
Z 900 Petrol 92 kW


Denso 21175-0853/1362/0863​


Z 1000 ABS Petrol 105 kW
Z 1000 SX ABS Petrol 105 kW
Z 1000 SX ABS Tourer Petrol 105 kW