Alientech has released a new protocol for trucks, specifically for the Bosch MD1CE101 ECU. That means that you can now work OBD on Iveco S-Way trucks.
See the full vehicle list here:


S-Way CURSOR570 12.9L R6 Diesel 419 kW
S-Way CURSOR510 12.9L R6 Diesel 375 kW
S-Way CURSOR480 11.1L R6 Diesel 353 kW
S-Way CURSOR460 11.1L R6 Diesel 338 kW
S-Way CURSOR420 11.1L R6 Diesel 309 kW
S-Way CURSOR400 8.7L R6 Diesel 294 kW
S-Way CURSOR360 8.7L R6 Diesel 265 kW
S-Way CURSOR330 8.7L R6 Diesel 243 kW